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Matcha Green Tea Face Scrub

Matcha Green Tea Face Scrub

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Looking for a natural way to cleanse and even your skin complexion?  Pamper yourself with our nourishing green tea face scrub polish and soften your skin. Feel The Deep Pore Cleansing Action At Work With our  action scrub that gentle exfoliating skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth. For Women & Men.

What it does 

Natural detoxifer and remove toxins from your skin.

* Anti-Inflammatory Properties help reduce the appearance of skin conditions.

* Helps Promote healthy radiant skin.

* Reduce appearance of acne and breakout.

* Increase skin elasticity.

* Sooth skin and revive complexion.

* Even skin tone.


Shea butter is included in many face  moisturizer and ody lotions. It works as an emollient that soften and ydrates skin. Because it contains several fatty acid content, including linoleic, oleic, stearic, and palmitic acids. These oils are rapidly absorbed into your skin, that improve its  natural barrier.

Matcha green tea powder is packed with Vitamin K which can promote better blood circulation and can reduce skin inflammation, puffiness and dark under eye bags. It deeply nourishes the skin and fights signs of aging as well as acne and breakouts 

Sugar is a natural humectant that draws moisture and locks it into the skin, its one of the best natural beauty ingredients to exfoliate your skin. Applying product with sugar derivatives your skin stayes moisturized and smooth. Sugar is an excellent exfoliant that leaves your skin soft.


How to use: 1- 2 times weekly 

Do not use on open skin, avoid contacting eyes. 

Apply to  wet face with fingers and gentle massage scrub in circular motion over face until becomes creamy,  rinse thoroughly With lukewarm water. Pat dry and  moisturizer.


Jojoba oil, Emulsifying wax 

Sunflower oil, Shea Butter 

Matcha Powder, Carrot Extract 

Vitamin E Oil 


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