About Us

Here at DS Sunshine Beauty, we pride ourself in providing quality handmade products.

                  The Inspiration behind DS Sunshine Beauty
My inspiration to create my own skincare line came about after developing bad acne and dark spots. My fellow coworker introduces me to turmeric and decided to do my own research on this product. After reading about turmeric and all of its properties, I became fascinated with this root realizing it potentials and what it can do for the skin and that's where my quest began with me cleaning, sorting and mixing ingredients. I make a batch of turmeric face bar trying it on my face, seeing results in two weeks was great so decided to give few friends to try on their skin, to my surprise everyone that use my turmeric face bar fell in love with the soap, their reviews were great. There and them I know my creation is good and its good way of helping others with Acne prone skin.
        Our Vision
Our Vision is to understand our customers' needs and help solve their problems by introducing quality products that will align with their daily lives. Which is essential to our beauty and well-being; we want every person to have confidence in their skin because beauty begins within.
         Personal Message  
We care deeply about the ingredients that goes on our skin, and well been of others.